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Welcome to “Go Walk the Talk”

The “Let’s Talk” section is where we build up a community that is Christ centered and ready to get the dialogue party started. I think we can agree that there are conversations that need to be had that might not fit into a typical Bible Class or Prayer Meeting. Some areas of discussion are more appropriate for a support group type of setting.

I want to create a space where we can share our life experiences as a Testimony to the love and saving grace of Jesus. We all bring a lot to the table. The thing(s) we are going through or have gone through might be the breakthrough someone else is praying for. I want you to feel free to express yourself. To share what’s on your heart.

I want to establish an atmosphere of Deliverance. An atmosphere where, yes, we share but; we share for the purpose of making an exchange. A place where you take off the old dull damaged garments that you have outgrown and you put on new garments that have been custom made for you.

The type of garments that you always wanted to wear and you know you deserve to wear. Exchange the old and put on the new. I want you to expect a personal shift when the exchange occurs and to prepare your mind to receive the new.

Here’s how it works: Email me your Topic or Concern and I will post it here for Discussion. I ask that everyone please respect each others comments and maintain a supportive atmosphere so that we can build one another up. Think of it as a purpose driven support network.

With open arms and a big virtual hug everyone is invited to the table, Let’s Talk. This is a free faith space. No condemnation, No rebuke, No judgment let’s just be real. My goal is to Encourage you and to convince you of the absolute Love of God for you. Thank you and God Bless you.

Email me at: Rhondascottministries@yahoo.com

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